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1.Where are the two speakers?

A. In the bank       B. In the street     C. On the playground

2. How long did the man study for the test?

A. 3 hours                 B. 6 hours                    C. 7 hours

3. How will the man go there?

A. By train        B. By ship        C. By air

4. When will the speakers meet?

A. This Monday     B. Next Monday       C. On Sunday

5. Why does the man feel sad?

A. Because his wife will talk to him.

B. Because he had a fight with his wife.

C. Because he hasn’t seen his wife for a long time.



听第6段材料,回答第6至8 题。

6. What are the two speakers talking about?

A. Food             B. New Year wishes         C. Examination

7. What is the woman?

A. A senior middle school student.  B. A junior middle school student.

C. A senior middle school teacher.

8. According to the conversation, which statement is TRUE?

A. It is the first time for the woman to decide to lose weight.

B. Visiting Beijing is the woman’s most important wish.

C. The man disbelieves that the woman will lose weight.


9. Where does the conversation most probably take place?

A. In the chemistry lab   B. In the sound lab        C. In the classroom

10. What should be done there?

A. Put on the earphones as soon as coming to the lab.

B. Take the parts off if there is anything wrong with the machine.

C. Follow the instructions and take care of everything.

11. What is the relationship between the two speakers?

A. Teacher and student           B. Mother and son        C. Friends


12. What happened to the man?

A. His house was broken into.     B. He locked himself out.

C. He forgot to lock the door.

13. What is the woman most likely to be?

A. The man’s wife       B. A policewoman      C. The man’s neighbor

14. What is the woman going to do?

A. Have a look            B. Talk to others      C. Ask more questions


15. What does the woman think of Frank’s plan?

A. She thinks Frank could learn a lot.                   B. It’s costly.

C. She is not sure if it is a good plan.

16. How long is Frank going to stay on Europe?

A. Six weeks        B. Two months    C. Six weeks to eight weeks

17.How is staying in youth hostels?

A. It’s really cheap             B. It is quite expensive       C. It is too dangerous


18. What does the speaker think of watching his friends making decisions?

A. Strange                  B. Interesting               C. Surprising

19. Why can the children of the speaker’s sister make decisions quickly?

A. They have a quick mind.

B. They make a decision without thinking.

C. They were given responsibility when they were little.

20. What can we learn form the passage?

A. The children sometimes ask their mother’s voice.

B. The speaker’s friends make decisions very quickly.

C. All of the speaker’s friends can decide their own clothes.



21 There is ______ thing as failure. Failure is just life trying to move us in another direction.

A. not such           B. such no         C. no such           D. such not

22. His failure in the college entrance exam _______ him the opportunity to go to university.

A. spent           B. took            C. paid          D. cost

23. ----- What do you think of my homework?

----- Good work, ________a few slight mistakes.

A. in addition to       B. except          C. as well as          D. apart from

24. Dick enjoys painting but he knows the fact _____ he doesn’t have _____ it takes to be a painter.

A. which; what        B. that; what        C. what; that         D. that; that

25. We believe her design is _______ because it is completely different from anyone else’s.

A. original            B. initial           C. vivid             D. previous

26. The MH370 from Malaysia crashed in the southern Indian Ocean, ______ global concern about flight safety.

A. to cause            B. causing         C. having caused      D. caused

27. ________ to the current education system of China, the Ministry of Education should make changes to make it efficient for selecting talents.

A. Most of us are so accustomed          B. so are most of us accustomed

C. Accustomed as most of us are          D. As most of us are accustomed

28. He accidently _______ that he had been laid off and had to make a living away from home.

A. let out            B. let alone        C. let down            D. let off

29. If it hadn’t rained so hard last night, it ________ so cold today.

A. wouldn’t be         B. hadn’t been     C. wouldn’t have been   D. weren’t

30. On Sundays there were a lot of children playing in the park, _______ parents seated together joking.

A. whose              B. their           C. which             D. where

31. Loneliness is a feeling where people experience a powerful ______of emptiness and solitude(孤独).

A. trend               B. dash            C. crash              D. rush

32. Tony _____ the invitation, otherwise he would have attended your birthday party.

A. couldn’t have received             B. mustn’t have received

C. needn’t have received              D. shouldn’t have received

33. ---- Is this the first time you _______ Shanghai?

----- No. But the first time I ________ here, the city wasn’t so beautiful.

A. visit; came                       B. have visited; came

C. have visited; have come            D. visit; have come

34. _______ a scenic spot worth _______, Hangzhou, a friendly city, attracts many visitors from all over the world.

A. Considering; visiting              B. Considering; being visited

C. Considered; visiting               D. Considered; visited

35. ---- I’m sorry. Jack, please don’t ________

---- I had a little accident with the car, but it wasn’t my fault.

A. be on cloud nine                B. be down in the dumps

C. promise me the moon            D. fly off the handle


As a teacher, I often make it a rule that when we are on a field trip,there will be no talking as we enter a building.This rule  36   to entering any place,whether it is a cinema,a church,a theatre, or any other place.

Once,in New York City,I took my class to see a(n)  37   near Times Square.When we arrived at the theatre,there were about twenty other classes    38   outside waiting to get in.The students from the other schools were not   39    and there was pandemonium(乌烟瘴气).I told my students to stay in a line and keep  40   .I told them that we would not carry ourselves like those other    41  .Soon we started to file into the theatre,and it was very disorganized.There was a lady trying to   42   the groups and get them to their seats,43  students were everywhere and   44   really knew where to go.My class,observing our rule,walked in    45   in two single-file lines.We stood near the door behind everyone else,and we   46   .All of a sudden,the lady who was   47    noticed us and she walked    48   our direction.She asked the students 49   the teacher was for our group, and I raised my    50   .She asked,“Very, very nice to meet you.Come this way.”We were led into the theatre,   51    ,and we were given front-row seats.

Sometimes   52   for others may not seem like it is going to have an effect,especially when you  53   no one around who is taking manners into   54   .However,that is usually the time when such   55  actions will be most appreciated and recognized.

36.A.leads      B.applies   C.turns    D.belongs

37.A.play   B.lady    C.teacher   D.exhibition

38.A.sorted out     B.settled down  C.turned away  D.lined up

39.A.behaving  B.listening   C.concentrating   D.watching

40.A.order      B.contact   C.watch   D.time

41.A.places  B.seats    C.classes   D.teachers

42.A.scold      B.dismiss   C.attract   D.organize

43.A.and   B.but    C.so    D.while

44.A.anyone  B.nobody   C.everyone   D.somebody

45.A.anxiously  B.immediately  C.quietly   D.hurriedly

46.A.passed  B.chatted   C.rushed   D.waited

47.A.in trouble  B.on guard   C.in charge   D.on business

48.A.in   B.to    C.for    D.under

49.A.how   B.where   C.what    D.whether

50.A.voice      B.arm    C.head    D.hand

51.A.finally  B.somehow   C.first    D.instead

52.A.respect  B.love    C.concern   D.support

53.A.receive  B.visit    C.recognize   D.meet

54.A.practice  B.effect       C.account   D.operation

55.A.urgent  B.kind    C.legal    D.firm

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