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A. In a movie review.           B. In an ad page.

C. In a short story.              D. In an introduction of an art center.


Hypothermia can be mild, moderate or severe. Mild hypothermia is something that most people in cold climates have experienced at one time or  another. You feel so cold that your body starts to shake -- not very much, but uncontrollably.

The treatment for mild hypothermia starts with getting out of the cold and, if necessary, changing into dry clothes. Drinking w arm, non-alcoholic liquids and eating something sugary can stop the shivering.

Taking a warm bath or sitting by a fire or doing some exercise can also help the body warm up. These are all common-sense treatments.

But treatment needs to change when people enter the moderate or severe stages of hypothermia. In that situation, their body temperature drops below thirty-five degrees Celsius. They lose the ability to think clearly. Their muscles become stiff. They might bump into things or fall over objects.

Members of search-and-rescue teams will first try to prevent additional heat loss. They will place extra covering around the chest, head and neck of hypothermia victims to keep them warm.

Hypothermia victims need medical help as soon as possible. Working qu ickly to get people out of the cold is important. However, hypothermia victims must be moved slowly and gently.

Any rough or sudden movement can force cold blood from the arms, legs and hands deep into the warmer middle of the body. This sudden flow of cold blood can create shock, a serious condition. It can also cause an abnormal heartbeat.    Members of search-and-rescue teams have a saying that hypothermia victims are not dead until they are warm and dead. The process of "rewarming" a person needs to be done slowly, in a hospital setting.

An extremely low body temperature can cause the heart to beat so slowly that a pulse may be difficult to find. In other words, a person who is suffering from the effects of severe cold may seem dead, but still be alive.

27. According to the text, when a person experience mild hypothermia, _____.

A. He feels cold so he shakes deliberately.

B. He can drink some wine to stop the shaking.

C. Some common treatments can help him recover.

D. He should be sent to the hospital immediately.

28. Which of the following expression can take the place of the underlined words?

A. break into      B. knock into      C. break down      D. sweep up

29. When people enter the moderate or severe stages of hypothermia, which of the following statement is WRONG? _________

A. Their body temperature drops below 35℃.

B. The rescue workers should first help them warm slowly and gently in a proper situation.

C. Hypothermia victims seem alive but dead.

D. If hypothermia isn’t treated correctly, the victim’s heart may not beat normally.

30. What’s the best title for the text? _____.

A. Different kinds of hypothermia

B. Medical help is important in treating hypothermia

C. Emergency treatment for different types of hypothermia.

D. How to avoid cold-weather injuries.

第二节:阅读七选五 (共5小题;每小题2分,满分10分)


This Way to Dreamland

Daydreaming means people think about something pleasant, especially when this makes them forget what they should be doing. Daydreamers are usually unknown of what’s  happening around them. They can seem forgetful and clumsy(笨拙的)._31__ They trouble us because they seem to be ignoring us and missing the important things.

But daydreamers are also responsible for some of the greatest ideas and achievements in human history. __32__ Can you imagine what kind of world we would have without such ideas and inventions?

So how can you come up with brilliant daydreams and avoid falling over tree roots or looking like a fool?

First, understand that some opportunities for daydreaming are better than others. Feeling safe and relaxed will help you to slide into daydreams.__33_ And if you want to improve your chances of having a creative idea while you’re daydreaming, try to do it while you are involved in another task—preferably(最好) something simple, like taking a shower or walking, or even making meaningless drawings.

__34__ “Mindfulness”, being focused, is a tool that some people use to avoid falling asleep. It involves(需要) slow, steady breathing for self-control that helps people stay calm and attentive.

Finally, you never know what wonderful idea might strike while your mind has moved slowly away.____35____ Always remember that your best ideas might come when your head is actually in the clouds.

A. They stare off into space and wander by themselves.

B. Having interesting things to think about also helps.

C. Without wandering minds, we wouldn’t have Coke relatively.

D. At one time, daydreaming was thought to be a cause of some mental illnesses.

E. Daydreams are often very simple and direct, quite unlike sleep dreams, which may be hard to understand.

F. It’s also important to know how to avoid daydreams for those times when you really need to concentrate.

G. Therefore, it’s a good idea to keep a notebook or voice recorder nearby     when you’re in the daydream zone.



Last weekends, my kids along with few other kids from the neighborhood volunteered to help me wash my car. My 10- year-old daugh ter came up with the idea of__36__ other people’s cars as well. It was pretty __37__ outside and I had no plans to __38__ being in the bright sun. She __39__ wanted to give lemonade(柠檬汽水)to passers-by for free. I had seen little kids __40__ and sell fresh lemonade for a small cost but not free. Although I felt __41__ , I decided to help her.

Then she asked me, “What if we __42__ this a smile car wash?” I couldn’t hold __43__ my tears and __44__ her and the other kids to go outside the house and come up with __45__ ideas. While I kept myself busy in drying the car, the group walked up to me with a(n) __46__ with beautiful images of smiles. They had “Free Car Wash” written on it and the __47__ of their exercise was “smile”. It was pretty neat to see a team of kids ranging 5--11 years with the __48__ to do something for others.

All that seemed __49__ and came right from their heart. Nothing seemed to __50__ to them: their playtime, the heat outside—they just wanted to __51__ others and do something nice in the community!

I helped them make some fresh lemonade and brought out some additional __52__ to help clean cars. Passers-by were __53__ and one even shouted back to them saying “God Bless You, my kids…” One of them even tried giving them 5 dollars, which they refused. A pretty heartwarming __54__!

I feel blessed by being __55__ by such wonderful and loving souls.

36.A. drying   B. repairing   C. washing   D. decorating

37.A. quiet    B. hot    C. different   D. dirty

38.A. suggest   B. avoid    C. continue   D. practise

39.A. further   B. thus    C. already   D. hardly

40.A choose   B. enjoy    C. buy    D. serve

41.A. worried   B. puzzled         C. popular   D. difficult

42.  A. show    B. leave    C. make    D. order

43.A. back           B. on             C. off             D. up

44.A. challenged  B. expected   C. invited   D. encouraged

45.A. creative   B. ready    C. changed   D. familiar

46.A. picture     B. board    C. idea    D. car

47.A. purpose   B. trouble   C. secret    D. theme

48.A. need    B. duty            C. imagination  D. skill

49.A. important  B. disappointing     C. hopeful   D. natural

50.A. matter   B. object   C. belong   D. refer

51.A. relax    B. try    C. help    D. smile

52.A. friends   B. rags    C. children   D. fruit

53.A. interested  B. amazed   C. bored    D. scared

54.A. scene   B. gift             C. story    D. explanation

55.A. supported  B. understood      C. refused   D. surrounded

第II卷 非选择题(共60分)

第一部分 单词拼写(共10小题,每小题1分,满分10分)

根据汉语、首字母或语境提示写出单词, 每空限填一词。

56. I can draw the c___________ without question that he is lying.

57. We must ________ (更新) our information sources constantly in today’s society.

58. Mrs. Smith cried just now and her eyes were watery and s________.

59. Her o ___________ attitude to illness and humorous stories were published in a series titled Go Away, Mr. Tumor.

60. He ________(以前)worked as a announcer and now a manager in a big company.

61. 3-D printing can be ______ (应用) to helping children with breathing disorder.

62. Chinese teachers are well-known for being able to _________(挤出)every second out of their students.

63. The idea of your article is quite original but the language needs _______ (润色)a  little.

64. To my d_______, my efforts are well recognized by my colleagues and leaders .

65. Goodbye Mr. Loser made a deep i____________ on the viewers.

第二部分 根据所学课文内容填空。(每空0.5分,共20空,满分10分)

66. 但当他一想到帮助那些得了霍乱的普通百姓时候,他就感到很振奋。

But he ____________ ____________ when he thought about helping ordinary people ____________ ____________ cholera.

67. 值得赞扬的是,虽然这四个国家的确在某些方面共同合作,例如在货币和 在国际关系上,但它们在有些制度上仍然存在着很大的区别。

__________ ___________ ____________, the four countries do work together in some areas (eg, the _____________ and international relations), but they still have very different institutions.

68. 然而,当我们到达一个看上去像一个大市场的地方时, 由于太多的气垫车向四面八方飞奔,我看不见王平了。

However, I _________ _________ _________WangPing when we reached _________looked like a large market because of too many carriages flying by in all directions.

69. 你有没有过这种情况:别人控告你的记者,说他(她)的报道完全失实?

Have you ever had a ________ _________someone _________your journalists _______ getting the wrong end of the stick?

70. 除非衣服粘贴在烧伤面上,否则都要把衣服脱掉。如果需要的话,可以使用剪刀。

Remove clothing ___________ ____________ __________ __________ unless it is stuck to the burn.

第三部分 语法填空(共10小题;每小题1分,满分10分)


I am extremely honored to be selected as a winner of this year's Lasker-DeBakery Clinical Medical Research Award. I express my wholehearted thanks to the jury members for the recognition(认可) of my ____71______ (contribute) to the discovery of Qinghaosu(青蒿素) for malaria(疟疾) treatment.

In my childhood, I witnessed occasions when patients _____72______(rescue) by folk Chinese medicine recipes. However, neither __73____ I dream then of such a close link of my whole life to researching those amazing herbs(草药) nor  could I imagine then that today I would experience such an exciting moment when my research has been highly praised by the international ____74_____ (science) community. I started research on herbal medicines in 1955. My ___75____(curious) about herbs turned into a strong motivation after college training on traditional Chinese medicine ___76____ (arrange) by the institute. Equipped with a sound knowledge in both traditional Chinese medicine and modern pharmaceutical sciences(制药学), we ____77_____(success) accomplished the discovery and development of Qinghaosu from Qinghao.

The discovery of Qinghaosu is ___78___gift to mankind from traditional Chinese medicine, ___79___ has served people in China and other Asian countries for many centuries. Continuous exploration and development of traditional medicine will, ____80____ doubt, bring more medicines to the world.…

第四部分 写作(共两节,满分30分)

第一节 单句改错(10分)


81. If convenience, we’ll come tomorrow.

82. Although these cities are not as large as that in China, they have world-famous

football teams.

83. Though lack money, his parents managed to send him to school.

84. When you copy the letter, pay attention to not leaving alone any words.

85. They live in the farmhouse, in front of which stands two bread trees.

86. Having been told many times, but he still couldn’t understand it.

87. Karan rented a furnished flat and had it paint pink for the coming Christmas.

88. He keeps him informed of what is happenin g outside through the Internet.

89. If you make promises lightly, you’ll find yourself in the dilemma.

90. The girl who seems to be easy to get along is easy to get angry actually.

第二节 书面表达(20分)






参考词汇:prominent 突出的,显著的  fixed 固定的 household 家庭

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending our company’s news conference. As you know,_______________ ____________________________________________



听  力(30分) 1-5CBBAA  6-10ABBAB  11-15BACCB  16-20ABCAB

阅读理解(20分)21-23 CAB   24-26 BCB     27-30 CBCC

阅读七选五(10分) 31-35 ACBFG

完形填空 (30分)36-40 CBCAD  41-45 BCADA 46-50 BDBDA 51-55 CBBAD

第二卷  单词拼写(10分)

56. conclusion   57. update   58. swollen   59. optimistic  60. previously

61.applied      62. squeeze  63.polishing   64. delight     65. impression

按课文内容填空 (10分)

66. became inspired;  exposed to      67. To their credit;  currency

68. lost sight of;  what  69. case where;  accused;  of

70. using scissors; if necessary


71. contributions  72. were rescued      73. did      74. scientific   75. curiosity

76. arranged     77.successfully  78.  a     79. which   80. no/without


81. convenience 改为convenient    82. that 改为those   83.lack改为lacking

84. alone改为out    85. stands改为stand   86. 去掉but  87. paint改为painted

88. him改为himself     89.the改为a      90. along后加with

第五节 书面表达(20分)

One possible version:

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending our company’s news conference. As you know, with the development of economy, people have to face various pressure. They don’t have enough time to atten d the old in their family, which has become a prominent social problem. To solve this problem, our company put out the household robot, which is designed to take care of the old. It can cook meals at a fixed time which can be adjusted according to individual needs. It can also accompany old people in having a chat, playing chess and doing exercise. Moreover, it can deal with emergencies. For example, if an old man falls ill suddenly, the robot will call doctors for help.

It would be a great help for you if you own such a robot. Thank you!

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