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1. When they arrived the island, they were all attracted by its beauty.

A. at B. in C. on D. to

2. The old man kept a dog to guard the house strangers.

A. from B. without C. against D. for

3. She had to sell the house even though it was her own wishes.

A. above B. on C. against D. for

4. "It's really very kind you to help me with the housework on Sundays," said Grandma Huang.

A. of B. with C. for D. from

5. I gave up the piano lessons because I have so much homework to do, but it's my own wishes.

A. in B. on C. for D. against

6. --- You play the piano so well. How long have you learned it?

--- ten years.

A. In B. By C. For D. Since

7. When the school building began to shake, the teachers ran downstairs all the students. The teachers are real heroes.

A. after B. with C. since D. for

8. --- Would you like some coffee, please?

--- Yes, and please get some sugar. I prefer coffee sugar.

A. to B. for C. with D. from

9. --- Jack, is maths difficult to learn in High school?

--- Sure. No subject can be learned well hard work.

A. without B. through C. by D. with

10. I don't know how to begin a talk with Betty. She can sit all day long a word.

A. by B. with C. in D. without


When I left college, I became a doctor. But I always wanted to 11. , and so I made several voyages(航行) 12. a ship's doctor. After I got married, I stayed at home. As I could not find a good job in my hometown, I decided to go to 13. again. This time I joined a ship 14. to the islands in the South Pacific Ocean (南太平洋). At first, everything 15. well. We sailed across the Atlantic (大西洋), round the coast of Africa and 16. the Indian Ocean. But one day, a strong storm 17. us and pushed our ship on a rock. The ship was broken into two. I got on a small boat and rowed towards the land. Suddenly a big wave hit the boat. I 18. into the ocean again. I struggled to swim, 19. my head above water. I didn't know how many hours had passed before my feet 20. land. I was so tired that I lay down and fell asleep.


Chuck Wall teaches management and human relations at Bakersfield College. He walked into class one day and told his students that their h was to perform one act of random(任意的) kindness. His students did not understand the assignment(任务), but the professor would not answer their questions. He e his students to find it out for themselves.

One week later, the students entered the classroom excitedly to s their stories. One student told of distributing blankets to the homeless, another had contacted a long, lost friend, and another student r that he had helped a dog to find its owner. Students were energized(激励) by the homework assignment and wanted other people to be kind too. W the support of local businesses, the students made stickers to put on cars that invited people to do something k for others. They sold the stickers and decided to donate the money to a center for the blind—not surprising as Professor Wall is blind.

Since then, s kindness activities have been organized in schools all over the world. Many schools organize a Random Acts of Kindness Week, a November 13, to celebrate World Kindness Day. Some schools use each day of Random Acts of Kindness Week to perform d kind acts, such as making a new friend, helping someone, doing community service, or raising money for a charity. Students learn to c other people and think about how small actions can make the world a better place.


John: Hello, Li Lei!

Li Lei: Hi, Jim. Can you come and play football with us on Sunday?

John: S , I can't. Dad is taking us out i the car.

Li Lei: Do you like g out by car?

John: Yes, I do. We s go out in the car on Saturday.

Li Lei: Oh, we usually go and see my uncle on Saturday. What do you like to do in your f time?

John: I like fishing. What a you?

Li Lei: I like fishing, too. My uncle is very g at fishing. He always catches(捉) a lot of fish. We often take the fish home f supper. I like eating fish.

John: W cooks the fish?

Li Lei: My dad. I help him. We like cooking fish!

John: A eating it, too.


Tom worked in the office of Mr. Bates.

One day, when Tom got to the office, a letter 41. (wait) for him. He opened it.

"Dear Tom," the letter said, "I 42. (write) to thank you for your help. You 43. (help) me so much when I came to your office. Here's a ticket for the big football match."

Tom looked at the ticket. He could not believe that he had it. Everyone looked forward to 44. (watch) the match! "I must watch the match," he thought. "I must. I 45. (expect) the big match for 4 years."

Tom thought and thought. He 46. (not put) his heart into any work. Then at twelve o'clock he knew what 47. (do).

He went out of the office and called his sister, Jean. At one o'clock Mr. Bates came up to him. "I have bad news for you, Tom. Your sister telephoned just now. Your mother 48. (send) to hospital a moment ago." "Thank you," Tom said. "I will go to the hospital. I 49. (come) back as soon as possible." In fact, Tom 50. (leave) the office quickly for the football ground. Tom's ticket was a good one. He could stand near the front. The next morning, when Tom got to the office, Mr. Bates came up to him. "You're fired(解雇), Tom." Then he walked away angrily. "But why?" Tom asked. Then a girl said, "We saw the match on TV here yesterday! You were on TV! Tom, you had such a good ticket!"


51. Now we are halfway to (finish) the work.

52. Everyone in the class is asked to play a part in (keep) the classroom clean.

53. The young man was charged with (break) into several computers.

54. We can solve a problem by (learn) to forget.

55. Let's find another way of (work) out this problem.

56. You are supposed to knock before (enter).

57. We have the pleasure of (discuss) questions with you.

58. Danny felt terrible about (miss) school this week.

59. The man had a difficult time in (find) the post office.

60. Nurses have several years of (train).


61. I haven't seen Alice (for/since) several years.

62. --- When will your parents come back from Shanghai?

--- (After/In) two days.

63. Mrs. Liao has been in hospital (since/for) last week.

64. It's necessary (for/of) you to keep those rules in mind.

65. You should take the medicine (between/among) meals.

66. The teacher is standing (between...and.../among) her students.

67. Look! The kind policewoman is taking a blind man (across/through) the street.

68. He is standing (among/between) his parents.

69. It is very kind (for/of) you to help me.

70. I was looking (through/across) one of the wonders of the natural world.


71. Bady, it's very lazy for you to sleep late every morning.

72. Many schools have soccer teams of children and teenagers.

73. Two friends were walking across the forest.

74. The boy has brown hair is Tom.

75. How about wash the car now?

76. This is the watch which Tom is looking.

77. It's possible of us to learn English.

78. They have been skating since four hours.

79. They should be at school at eight o'clock.

80. We can see some birds on the tree.


81. --- Which team are you playing a ?

--- The team of Class One.

82. Everyone went to the zoo e me. I had to look after my little sister at home.

83. A high-speed railway b Ningbo and Shanghai will be in use soon.

84. Thanks a lot for a me to your party.

85. The door is made of metal. It is used for s thieves from getting into the house.

86. The villagers are strongly a building a paper factory because of the pollution.

87. They are collecting waste paper for r .

88. I will not be a you. I agree with you.

89. He is weak at m new words. He often forgets them soon.

90. I'm not good at p basketball, but I do well in English.


91. My father likes reading space science.

92. Can you imagine a life (not having) phones or the Internet?

93. Sam was in a hurry. He left home saying goodbye to us.

94. Some of them sleep the whole winter.

95. We never visit a friend's house calling first.

96. Mr. Green works in that company every day the weekend. He often goes to visit his parents at the weekend.

97. Now I get exercise taking him for a walk every day.

98. I go to school five days a week Saturday and Sunday.

99. Would you like to go to the cinema me?

100. Cameras are used for photos.


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