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57.What is a must if the applicants want to be accepted?

A.Experience of teaching.     B.Experience of staying abroad.

C.Knowledge of practical computer.   D.Knowledge of the Japanese language.

58.Which of the following about the applicants' working conditions is NOT true?

A.They teach in very small classes.   B.They get well trained for their job.

C.They teach their native languages.   D.They have to find places to live in.

59.What is a possible way of applying for the job?

A.Visiting the website.      B.Sending letters to Japan.

C.Talking with the manager.     D.Handing in C.V.in September.

60.What do you think the reading is?

A.An advertisement.   B.A report.     C.A diary.       D.A notice.


Performing better under pressure

What is the most stressful thing in school? It is probably exams.61.        But some students succeed under pressure,while others struggle.So,why do some students perform better under stress?

It all comes down to dopamine (多巴胺). Dopamine is a chemical in our body that sends signals (信号) in the brain.It has many important roles:affecting memory,attention and how we learn.62.

Our brains control dopamine in two ways.It either takes out dopamine quickly,or gradually.Exam success can be linked to how fast dopamine goes back to a balance,according to new research from the University of Missouri,reported Yahoo.

63.        If you become stressed,your brain will start to overload (起负荷) on dopamine.It is like a cup overflowing with water.The quicker you are able to go back to a balance of dopamine,the quicker you can concentrate.64.

Researchers found that,during a test,people who slowly got back to a balance of dopamine scored 8 percent lower. That’s me difference between a good mark and a bad mark.

But don't fear,there is good news for every student.65.     So,it turns out that practice really makes perfect.


A.This will help you perform better on a test.

B.Exams can put us under a lot of pressure.

C.The study also found that the more practice you get,the less stressed you’ll be.

D.What happens when we take an exam?

E.Our brains work best when there is a balance of dopamine—not too much or too little.




It was Christmas Day.Tina was alone in the great city house.Her parents went to the hospital because their oldest boy was ill.

"What a boring Christmas!" Tina thought to herself. At that moment,she   66   music in the street. She ran to the window and saw a little boy   67  .He was singing and beating a drum.Tina saw that he wore no   68  .

"Are you cold?" asked Tina.

The little boy smiled,but she couldn't hear   69    he said.So she told him to come in. He was a little nervous,but the carpet (地毯) felt warm to   70   poor feet.He told Tina that his name was Guido.And he was very poor,  71   poor that he had to go singing from house to house for some money to buy his dinner.

"My mama is away,and I am   72   a sad Christmas.But I'll try to make it nice   73   you," said Tina.They played games and Guido sang to her.Then they had a big dinner. Guido was very happy.

That night,Tina told her mother, " Now I know something.Whenever you   74   sad and lonely,find somebody   75   and lonelier than yourself and cheer them up.It will make you feel all right. "

六、补全对话(5个句子,每句 2分,共 10分)根据下面的对话情景,在每个空白处填上一个适当的句子,使对话的意思连贯、完整。

A:Hey.Anna!You look so tired.76.              ?

B:I guess I'm exhausted after a whole day's work.You know.I'm feeling stressed out these days.

A:Really? 77.              It will be very relaxing

B:Oh,thank you for your advice but it doesn't suit me

A:Then you must enjoy listening to music.Everyone loves it

B:You bet! Classical music is my favorite

A:78.             ?

B:I’d love to 79.

A:It costs 200 yuan.

B:200 yuan? That's too expensive!

A:Come on! It's on me.The concert 3tarts at seven.80.             ?

B:How about half past six?

A:Sounds great! See you at the school gate then.

B:See you


随着我们长大,和家人围坐在一起吃饭的时间越来越少。然而有研究表明,跟家人一起吃饭有助于身体健康。对此你有何看法?你又是如何做的?请以Eating with parents makes you healthier为题写一篇80词左右的短文,陈述你的理由。

Eating with parents makes you healthier


英语  参考答案

一、1-5 BCBAB  6-10 CBBAC    11-15 AABBC  16-20 DECBA

二、21-25 BDCAC 26-30 BACDA   31-35 BCCDA

三、36-40 ADACB    41-45 DACAC

四、46-50 DBAAD    51-55 DDCBC   56-60 BCDAA    61-65 BEDAC

五、66. heard   67. outside   68. shoes    69. what   70. his

71.so     72. having    73. for    74. feel     75. sadder

六、76. What’s wrong with you?/What happened?/...

77. You should do some exercise./ …

78. Would you like to go to a concert with me?/…

79. How much is the ticket?/How much does the ticket cost?/…

80. When shall we meet?/…

七、One possible version:

Eating with parents makes you healthier

I believe eating with parents will make teenagers healthier.

First, as we know, a happy mood keeps people healthy. Talking more with parents is a better way of helping solve problems in our daily life. The dinner time is just a chance for communication.

Also, home-made meals are healthier for us to eat, for the food problem seems more and more serious now.

As for me, I have dinner with my parents every day. My family all think the time for dinner is the most important moment for each of us.


1、 第1-45题,每小题1分。凡与答案不符的均不给分。

2、 第46-65题,每小题2分。凡与答案不符均不给分。

3、 第66-75题,每小题1分。大小写错误不扣分;单词形式不对不给分。

4、 第76-80题,每小题2分。句中大小写错误,每两个扣0.5分。单词拼写错



5、 书面表达:15分。考生应根据题目要求,采用适当的时态、语态、句式和










4、拼写与标点符号是语言准确性的一个方面,评分时,应视其对交际的影响程度予以考虑。 英、美拼写及词汇用法均可接受。








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