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Dreams take off here, life is brilliant here. Youth is flying here, life is fulfilled here. Knowledge here is sublimated, the future here casts. Start school, I wish you study hard, round your dream to achieve your dreams.


Back to the beautiful campus, work hard and diligently, study hard, create a beautiful tomorrow, goodbye to my classmates, solidarity and companionship, helping each other and interpreting my classmates' love and school days. May you cheer up and open up a glorious future!

温暖是你们的礼物,开心是你们的赞歌,健康是你们的回报,心灵释放是你们的慧能。愿你们如颗颗珍珠,经得起岁月的磨砺而熠熠发光。愿你们在这自由的空间里张扬个性, 放飞理想!

Warm is your gift, happy is your hymn, health is your return, the release of the soul is your wisdom. May you, like pearls, withstand the years of sharpening and glittering. May you in this free space publicity personality, ideal!



As you walk in high school, you have to understand that you should always be aware of what you say and do, as it reflects your character, your class style and the style of your tutor.


The lofty ideals were bred at this time, noble sentiments at this time initiation, the glory of life at this time the foundation, good habits at this time to develop. Time flies, Shaohua sometimes, young and beautiful, when determined to work hard!



Learn practicing and held the course Bamboo asked in the chest Qiongluxiongzhu now, teachers and students work together to tackle the problem Miao Zhongqu first who contention. Pull the sword out of the woods to see the situation swear death struggle only I solemn, not a chilly bone, which plum incense flutter. Calmly deal with, pour out, through the wind and rain will be a rainbow.


You walked into the high school campus with a smile of youth, you took youthful self-confidence to the adult, and you should even walk out of the high school campus and into the wonderful future with the gentleman's demeanor and gentleman's demeanor. Smile and self-confidence are your successful business cards, magazines and Darley is your ladder to success. Foolishness in children is innocent, is lovely; and foolhardy in adults is pathetic, is sad.


Dream blueprint waiting for you to draw, a beautiful future waiting for you to create. The motherland's future, waiting for you to build, the road to success waiting for you to explore. On the first day of school, with a bag on your back, would you like to learn the power of knowledge and create glory!



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