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56. Which of the following stars doesn’t have blue eyes?

A. Angelina Jolie       B. Jennifer Aniston      C. Brad Pitt     D. Audrey Hepburn

57. According to the study result, if you were a manager and wanted to find a most reliable person, you’d better hire one who has _________ eyes.

A. blue    B. green    C. brown     D. grey

58. According to the passage, which of the following statements is TRUE?

A. All people don’t know what colour eyes their partner has.

B. About 30% people without blue eyes don’t want a change.

C. Blue eyes are considered as the best eyes in the world.

D. People with grey eyes are thought to be less clever.


Getting rid of dirt, in the opinion of most people, is a good thing. However, there is nothing fixed about attitudes to dirt.

In the early 16th century, people thought that dirt on the skin was a means to block out disease, as medical opinion had it that washing off dirt with hot water could open up the skin and let ills in. A particular danger was thought to lie in public baths. By 1538, the French king had closed the bath houses in his kingdom. So did the king of England in 1546. Thus began a long time when the rich and the poor in Europe lived with dirt in a friendly way. Henry IV, King of France, was famously dirty. Upon learning that a nobleman had taken a bath, the king ordered that, to avoid the attack of disease, the nobleman should not go out.

Though the belief in the merit of dirt was long-lived, dirt has no longer been regarded as a nice neighbor ever since the 18th century. Scientifically speaking, cleaning away dirt is good to health. Clean water supply and hand washing are practical means of preventing disease. Yet, it seems that standards of cleanliness have moved beyond science since World War Ⅱ. Advertisements repeatedly sell the idea; clothes need to be whiter than white, cloths ever softer, surfaces to shine. Has the hate for dirt, however, gone too far?

Attitudes to dirt still differ hugely nowadays.Many first-time parents nervously try to warn their children off touching dirt, which might be responsible for the spread of disease.On the contrary,Mary Ruebush,an American immunologist(免疫学家),encourages children to play in the dirt to build up a strong immune system.And the latter position is gaining some ground.

59.The kings of France and England in the 16th century closed bath houses because       .

A.they lived healthily in a dirty environment.

B they thought bath houses were to dirty to stay in

C. they believed disease could be spread in public baths

D. they considered bathing as the cause of skin disease

60.Which of the following best describes Henry IV’s attitude to bathing?

A.Afraid   B.Curious  C.Approving   D.Uninterested

61. How does the passage mainly develop?

A. By providing examples.

B. By making comparisons.

C. By following the order of time.

D. By following the order of importance.

62.What is the author’s purpose in writing the passage?

A. To stress the role of dirt.

B. To introduce the history of dirt.

C. To call attention to the danger of dirt.

D. To present the change of views on dirt.


Attractions in Wisconsin

Wisconsin Historical Museum

30 N. Carroll Street on Madison’s Capitol Square

Discover Wisconsin’s history and culture(文化) on four floors of exhibits. Open for public program. Admission is free.

Open Tuesday through Saturday, 9:00am -- 4:00 pm.

(608) 264-6555  www.wisconsinhistory.org/museum

Swiss historical village

612 Seventh Ave., New Glarus

The Swiss Historical Village offers a delightful look at pioneer life in America’s heartland. 14 buildings in the village give a full picture of every day life in the nineteenth-century Midwest.

Tue.—Fri., May 1st –October 31st , 10:00 am—4:00 pm. Admission is $20.

(608) 527-2317  www.swisshistoricalvillage.com

Artisan Gallery & Creamery Café

6858 Paoli Rd., Paoli, WI

One of the largest collections of fine arts and crafts(手工艺品) in Wisconsin. Over 5000 sp. ft. of exhibition space in a historic creamery. While visiting enjoy a wonderfully prepared lunch at our café overlooking the Sugar River. Just minutes from Madison!

Gallery open Tue. –Sun., 10:00 am—5:00 pm.

Café open Wed. –Sat., 11: 00 am –3:00 pm.

Sun. brunch with wine, 10:00—3:00 pm.

(608) 845-6600  www.artisangal.com

Christopher Columbus Museum

239 Whitney St., Columbus

World-class exhibit –2000 quality souvenirs(纪念品) marking Chicago’s 1893 World Columbian Exhibition. Tour buses are always welcome.

Open daily, 8:15 am – 4:00 pm.

(920) 623-1992  www.columbusantiquemall.com

63.Which of the following is on Capitol Square?

A. Wisconsin Historical Museum.          B. Swiss Historical Village.

C. Artisan Gallery & Creamery Café.       D. Christopher Columbus Museum.

64. Where can you go for a visit on Monday?

A. Wisconsin Historical Museum.

B. Swiss Historical Village.

C. Artisan Gallery & Creamery café.

D. Christopher Columbus Museum.

65. Where can visitors have lunch?

A. At Wisconsin Historical Museum.

B. At Swiss Historical Village.

C. At Artisan Gallery & Creamery Café.

D. At Christopher Columbus Museum.

66. We learn from the text that___________.

A. Swiss Historical Village is open for half a year

B. Christopher Columbus Museum overlooks a river

C. tickets are needed for Wisconsin Historical Museum

D. Artisan Gallery & Creamery Café are open daily for 4 hours


A popular saying going,"Sticks and stone may break my bones, but words will never hurt me." However,that's not really true. Words have the power to build us up or tear us down. It doesn't matter if the words come from someone else or ourselves--the positive and negative effects are just as lasting.

We all talk to ourselves sometimes.we are usually too embarrassed to admit it, though. But we really shouldn't be, because more and more experts believe talking to ourselves out loud is a healthy habit.

This "self-talk" helps us motive ourselves, remember things,solves problems, and calm ourselves down. Be aware, though, that as much as 77% of self-talk tends to be negative. So in order to stay positive, we should only speak words of encouragement to ourselves. We should also be quick to give ourselves a pat on the back. The next time you finish a project , do well on a test, or finally clean your room, join me in saying,"Good job"!

Often, words came out of our mouths without us thinking about the effects they will have; but we should be aware that our words cause certain responses to others. For example, when returning an item to a store, we might use warm friendly language during the exchange. And the clerk will probably respond in a similar manner. Or we can use harsh, critical language, which will most likely cause the clerk to be defensive.

Words possess power because of their lasting effects. Many of us regret something we once said. And we remember unkind words said to us ! Before speaking, we should always ask ourselves: "Is it true? Is it loving? Is it needed?" If what we want to say doesn't pass this test,then it is better left unsaid.

Words possess ower: both positive ad negative. Those around us receive encouragement when we speak positively. We can offer hope, build self-esteem and motive others to do their best. Negative words destroy all those things. Will we use our words to hurt or to heal? The choice is ours.

67. The author argues in the first paragraph that _____.

A. words has lasting effects on us.

B. words will never hurt us at all.

C.positive effects last longer than negative effects.

D.negative words may let us down.

68. Why should we not feel embarrassed when it comes to talking to ourselves ?

A. Almost everybody has the habit of talking to oneself.

B. Talking to ourselves is believed to be good for our health.

C. Talking to ourselves helps us to solve all the problems.

D. It does harm to have "self-talk" when we are alone.

69. The underlined phrase "give ourselves a pat on the back "in paragraph 3 means ____.

A. blame ourselves     B. punish ourselves   C. praise ourselves  D.talk to ourselves

70. Which of the following statements would the author agree to ?

A. Unkind words are more unlikely to be forgotten.

B. It is better to think twice before talking to others.

C. Words always posses long positive effects.

D. Kind words are sometimes not needed at all.

第二节(共5小题; 每小题2分, 满分10分)


Choosing the right job is probably one of the most important decisions we have to make in life,and it is frequently one of the hardest decisions we have to make. One important question that you might ask yourself is :"How can I get a good job?"   71

There are people who can answer an insignificant advertisement in the local newspaper and land the best job in the world; others write to all sorts of places all over the country.and never seem to get a reply at all. Still others believe that the in person door-to-door approach is by far the best way to get a job; and then there are those who, through no active decision of their own, just seem to be in the right place at the right time.   72   He used to spend a lot of his free time down by the sea watching the tall ships, but never thinking that he might one day sail one of them. His father was a farmer, and being a sailor could never be anything for the boy but an idle dream. One day, on his usual wandering , he heard the captain of the ship complaining that he could not sail because one member of his crew was sick. Without stoping to think, the lad(少年) offered to take his place.  73

74   If the lad had gone home to ponder(考虑) his decision for a week, he may have missed his chance. It is one thing to be offered an opportunity; it is another thing to take it and use it well.

Sometimes we hear stories about people who break all the rules and still seem to land plum jobs(美差). When you go for a job interview or fill out an application, you are expected to say nice things about the company to which you are applying.  75   And within a year this person had become general manger of the company.

A. This story also illustrates the importance of seizing an opportunity when it presents itself.

B. People find jobs in an infinite number of ways.

C. It's almost impossible to find a good job by answering advertisement in newspapers.

D. Take for example the young man who wanted to be a sailor.

E. But there was one person who landed an excellent job by telling the interviewer all the  company's faults.

F.  He spent the rest of his life happily sailing the ships he had always loved.

G. It is very important to seize an opportunity when it presents itself.










One day. I went shopping at a gifted shop in Shanghai. I was very interested and I lost me in the beautiful goods. After I paid for that I had bought, I left my handbag on the counter. There were about two thousand yuan in it, I had already walked out of the shop while a young shop assistant walk up to me with my handbag. He insisted my checking it. I opened the handbag and found nothing lost. I thanked for him and offered him the reward of 100 yuan, but he refused to take anything. I was deep moved by his selfless act that day.



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