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1 call for help 呼救声  call for要求;需要

call at sp.参观   call on sb.访问

call...off取消   call (on) sb. to do sth.号召

2 keep calm 保持镇静(别慌)

3 go camping 去野营

4 celebrate one’s birthday/Christmas/Easter/New Year’s Day (=mark/observe/keep) 庆祝

5 take care of 照顾,保管  medical care 医疗护理care for喜爱;关心;照管  care about 关心;顾虑,

6 in that case 假若那样的话 in case 以防万一   、in case of fire/ rain

7 rain cats and dogs 下倾盆大雨

8 cheer up 高兴起来

9 be clear about...对明了

make it clear that...弄清楚;使人明白

10 free of charge 免费 in charge 主管,在掌管之下

in the charge of 由……负责

take charge 掌管,负责

charge sb. some money for sth. 收费

11 change/turn A into B    把A变成B

change trains/planes/clothes换车、飞机、衣服

change with...随着......而变化

change oneself=get changed换衣服

12 in one's childhood 童年时

13 at Christmas 圣诞节时

14 cannot choose but do sth.=have no choice but to do

sth. 只好;不得不

make a choice 挑选,选择

15 go to church 去做礼拜

16 in /after/before class   have classes听课

17 get close to 接近

18 collect stamps 集邮

19 in common 共同,共有

20 compete in a contest 参加比赛

21 give a concert 举办音乐会

22 be curious about sth. 对……感到好奇

23 congratulate sb. on sth. 祝贺某人

24 on the contrary 相反地

25 out of control 失控

be in/under the control of被控制

beyond control无法控制

keep/get...under control控制住

lose control of失去对......的控制

26 be covered with 被……覆盖

27 be cruel to sb. 对……残忍

28 on condition that 条件是       living/working/studying ~s生活/工作/学习条件(环境)

29 caryy sth. in one’s arms抱着  carry out实施;执行   carry on继续下去

30 catch sight of突然看到   catch hold of突然抓住  ~ (a ) cold得感冒       ~ sb. doing sth

~ sb.’s attention/ eye吸引的注意力

be caught in a rain遭遇风雨等

be caught in/between the trees卡在树中

31 by chance 偶然   Chances are that …= Possibly

32 go to the cinema/theatre/hotel

33 be connected with 与。。有关

34 be clever/quick/good/expert/skilful at...擅长

35 go to college上大学

36 make coffed/tea/bed煮咖啡/沏茶/铺床

37 at the cost of以为代价

38 be content with满足(的)   be content to do sth.

39 consider A as B 认为A为B     ~ doing sth.打算    take sth. into consideration考虑到

40 come about发生  come across...偶遇

come into being/ use产生;出现

come out出来;长出;出版;

come to oneself苏醒

come to a conclusion得出结论

come true实现   come up走近;(问题)出现     come up with提出, 想出          come from...来自

come to light暴露出来        come to a stop停下来


1 do great damage to 对……造成巨大损害

2 in danger 处境危险

3 out of date 过时      up to date: 时髦的,现时的

date from=date back to

4 die of, die from,  die out灭绝, die away: 平息

be dying for 渴望 be dying to do

5 be deaf to sth. 对……充耳不闻

6 deal with 对付,应付=do with

7 in debt 负债                                  、

8 make a decision 作出决定

9 deep into the night 直到深夜 deep in thought 沉思

10 without delay 毫不耽搁,立刻

delay doing sth. 迟迟未做某事

11 deliver a speech 发表(演说等)

12 meet the demands 满足要求

13 beyond description 难以形容

14 be determined to do sth. 决心做某事

15 with the development of  随着发展

16 devote oneself to 献身于,致力

17 make no difference 没作用,没影响

be different from,  make a difference: 有影响

18 have difficulty in doing sth. 做……有困难

19 in all directions 向四面八方

20 make a new discovery 做出新的发现

21 under discussion 正在讨论中

22 in the distance 在远方,在远处

23 from door to door 挨门挨户

24 do good to 对……有益 do wrong 做坏事,犯罪  do well in 擅长     do wrong to sb., 冤枉,虐待

do sb. a fovor, 帮忙  a pencil will do 铅笔也行

25 go downstairs 下楼 go downtown 到市区去

26 drag one's feet 缓慢前进,拖延

27 dream of doing sth. 渴望做某事

28 drive off 赶走  drive sb. mad 使某人发狂

29 the other day 在不久前,前几天(过去时)

30 keep a diary 记日记

31 by degrees:逐渐地  to what degree 到什么程度

32 to one’s delight使人高兴的,

take a delight in: 以。。为乐事

33 depend on, It all depends.

33 be on diet 节食

35 do the dishes 洗盘子

36 divide into 分为

37 beyond doubt= without doubt: 毫无疑问

38 drink to: 为…干杯     drink up: 喝干

39 draw a conclusion: 得出结论

draw aside: 拉到一边

draw back: 撤退

40 dress up: 打扮

dress sb/ oneself in,  be dressed in/ as

41 drop across: 偶遇 drop in: 顺便拜访 on sb. /at sp.

42 off duty: 下班   on duty: 值班


1.As far as ...is conc erned   就……而言

2.It goes wit hout saying that... 不言而喻,...

3.It can be said with certainty that...可以肯定地说

4.As the proverb says, 正如谚语所说的,

5.It has to be noticed that...  它必须注意到,...

6.It's generally recognized that... 它普遍认为...

7.It's likely that ...  这可能是因为...

8.It's hardly that...  这是很难的......

9.It's hardly too much to say that... 它几乎没有太多的说…[来源:学#科#网Z#X#X#K]

10.What calls for special attention is that...需要特别注意的是

11.There's no denying the fact that...毫无疑问,无可否认

12.Nothing is more important than the fact that...  没有什么比这更重要的是…[来源:学科网ZXXK][来

13.what's far more important is that... 更重要的是






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